Boilers are complex machines that need to be checked on a regular basis, this is why we recommend they are serviced  to continue to work efficiently and safely.

We advice you have your boiler serviced on an annual basis, this is to keep it in check and to make sure you are getting the most from it.

Can you remember when the last time your boiler was serviced?…. Here we have put together a few points to look out for to recognise if any problem have occurred:

  • Having to regularly reset your boiler
  • Low or irregular water pressure
  • boiler overheating and having to refill more regular
  • water not staying as hot as usual
  • the fan or pump making unusual noise
  • on older boilers the pilot light is going out
  • yellow or irregular flame

However even if non of these problems occur on your boilers you should still allow a annual service, this is because a lot of manufactures require a service as part of their warranty, meaning your warranty could be void if the boiler breaks down or something goes wrong.

Here we will explain what is included when we service your boiler:

We visually check the boiler over, this is to comply with building, gas and electrical safety regulations. we then carry out a ‘pre-service check’ this we start the boiler up making sure all functions are working correctly and if theres any faults we are able to identify them.

Components of the boiler are all then checked making sure they are all undamaged and clean, Stag Electrical also check the pipework and electrical connectors too to ensure all is working okay.

All our engineers have analysers with them so are able to check the gas valve and confirm the combustion but also to use the analyser to make sure there is no faults with your boiler and it is running to the manufactures specification.

If a problem does appear to be apparent whilst we are servicing your boiler then we will go through the next steps with you on the best possible way for repairing your boiler and costs.

We can then issue a benchmark gas safety certificate once completed.

Stag Electrical service all makes and models of Gas, LPG and Oil domestic boilers.

For more information on servicing your boiler call our team on:

call: 07943829412


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